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Five Advantages of Switching to Electric Cigarettes (5/19/2010)

1. Health

Among other things, smoking increases the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. Smoke from a cigarette has all kinds of nasty things such as tar, carcinogens and other chemicals which are inhaled into the lungs and cause the above health issues. Electric cigarettes vaporize the nicotine into a fine mist that has the look and feel of real smoke, without the undesired side-effects.

2. Cost

Nicotine cartridges is where you will save the most money relative to conventional cigarettes. A single cartridge for electric cigarettes is equivalent to 1-1.5 packs of regular cigarettes. Some brands, when purchasing in quantities of 5 or more cartridges, will come out to around $2.00 per pack. This is significantly cheaper than conventional tobacco products. In addition, costs are ever increasing as evidenced by taxes going up from $0.39 to $1.01 per pack. You can see how this will save you big bucks!

3. Personal Hygiene

No matter how comfortable you get to the smell and taste of tobacco smoke, there will always be people around you that are not comfortable with it. The distinctive odor of smoke on yours breath, clothes, and in your hair will be a thing of the past with electric cigarettes. Electric cigarette vapor carries no distinctive odor which makes for great consideration for those around you that don’t like the smell or are allergic to tobacco smoke.

4. Comfort and Freedom

Smoking laws and bans put into effect to prevent people from smoking in restaurants, bars and other public places can be a hassle for daily smokers. Prohibitions usually do not apply to electric cigarettes since they don’t create smoke. In addition, there is no second hand smoke or burning tobacco so feel free and comfortable to smoke these anywhere.

5. Energy and Self Improvement

The many people that have tried electric cigarettes have stated that they feel like they have much more energy, which may be a result of less intake of tobacco smoke and its harmful chemicals or that they have actually cut back on their intake of nicotine.

Just knowing the risk of smoking regular tobacco compared to electric cigarettes may ease your mind. You are still absorbing nicotine, however you are staying away from thousands of toxic chemicals associated with regular tobacco cigarettes.

The Electronic Cigarette (4/28/2010)

You can find electric cigarettes online, in shopping malls and may see some people using them in no smoking areas. The electric cigarette market is growing and getting popular at a rapid pace with millions of searches throughout the web, but the question that often comes to mind is “Are they Safe?”

I was unaware of electronic cigarettes until recently. Generally, the idea is that it looks like a cigarette, delivers the nicotine fix that cigarettes do, and cost you less money in the long run. The way it works is the electric cigarette vaporizes a liquid into what looks like smoke. Some may say this is a healthier alternative to smoking since it does not actually contain tobacco.

According to FDA spokeswoman Rita Chappelle, “We’re concerned about the potential for addiction and abuse of these products.” Tobacco cigarettes have the same characteristics, but are more harmful. So if a smoker can get his/her nicotine fix in a way that's similar to smoking but less harmful, isn't that a good thing?

After attempts to shut down the distribution and shipments of Electronic Cigarettes the FDA failed on January 15, 2010 when a Federal Judge ruled that the Food and Drug Administration may not block the importation of electronic cigarettes. The judged determined that they are tobacco products and are not subject to restrictions.

There are studies but not that many on the potential harms coming from using electronic cigarettes. However, to date, there is no indication of anything significant. All we can say at this point is that they could be as safe, or safer, than using tobacco cigarettes, and this can be an understatement.

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better: (4/05/2010)

1. Alternative to Smoking

Electric cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes with similar satisfaction.

2. Satisfy Craving with Similar Sensation

Electric cigarettes deliver a similar smoking sensation and satisfy your craving without the tar, carbon monoxide, and thousands of carcinogens of tobacco cigarettes.

3. No Lighter Required

Electric cigarettes do not require a lighter.

4. Tastes and Feels like a Cigarette

Electric cigarettes are a smoking alternative that looks, tastes, feels, and acts like a cigarette but does not produce “real” smoke.

5. Hurray! No Odor!

No smoke odor in your house, on your clothes, or on your breath.

6. No Yellow Teeth!

Electric cigarettes do not yellow your teeth.

7. Save Money

Save money. Depending on your smoking style, electric cigarettes can save you up to 65%. One cartridge is comparable to 12-15 cigarettes.