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BluCigs Starter Kit Only $59.95

BluCig Starter Kit

•1 pack, holds 5 cartridges and charges your batteries on the go!
•1 electronic cigarette battery & and 1 spare battery
•1 atomizer & 1 spare atomizer
•1 wall charger & 1 USB charger
•25 FREE cartridges in the strength of your choice (equals over 150 cigarettes!)
•30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty.
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Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better:

1. Alternative to Smoking

Electric cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes with similar satisfaction.

2. Satisfy Craving with Similar Sensation

Electric cigarettes deliver a similar smoking sensation and satisfy your craving without the tar, carbon monoxide, and thousands of carcinogens of tobacco cigarettes.

3. No Lighter Required

Electric cigarettes do not require a lighter.

4. Tastes and Feels like a Cigarette

Electric cigarettes are a smoking alternative that looks, tastes, feels, and acts like a cigarette but does not produce “real” smoke.

5. Hurray! No Odor!

No smoke odor in your house, on your clothes, or on your breath.

6. No Yellow Teeth!

Electric cigarettes do not yellow your teeth.

7. Save Money

Save money. Depending on your smoking style, electric cigarettes can save you up to 65%. One cartridge is comparable to 12-15 cigarettes.